What is the value of ACET COIN ?

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AcetCoin will only issue 30 million worldwide, similar to the deflationary economic system and with the increasing supply of currency, the Acet Coin trend will increase as demand is high and the amount of money is not rising. .This will eliminate the ratio of bad debt partners. For this purpose, Acet Coin has sought to work with many banks to make money transfers on many terms without the need of a middleman between countries.
For businesses, Acet Coin will improve cash flow by extending financials to handle future payment processes based on cash flow history and expected payments.
For individuals, Acet Coin will solve the problem of saving customers do not keep up with inflation by creating an account to automatically correct under inflation.
To accomplish these goals, Acet Coin will play the role of a company that establishes all ICO processes as well as the lending process. The ICO process will provide the Acet Coin card to shareholders. A fund will be opened by Acet Coin and the developer of the Acet Coin project to organize the ICO process and manage the stake of the shareholders then proceed to develop the project that has been planned. For investors: Acet Coin provides a flexible, fast and secure investment solution. A safe haven of investment and storage that delivers sustainable growth for the future.
Acet Coin Wallet
Here are some types of wallets we provide to our users:
• Desktop wallet: Window, Linux, Mac
• E-wallet: acetcoin.com
• Mobile phone wallet: Android app, IOS app
The wallet application is designed with the highest level of security and it is really a user-friendly application that you trust.

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